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New AbanteCart v1.2.7 is now available for download.
We have put substantial efforts to improve performance of AbanteCart and make it stand out in the performance compare to other ecommerce platforms. AbanteCart 1.2.7 core code, database queries and cache are well optimized to deliver maximum performance. In addition we introduce HTML pages and blocks cache to ease server load on high traffic sites. There is even more in the performance boost with running PHP 7 together with AbanteCart v 1.2.7.

New Features and improvements highlight:

  • New high performance caching system with support for APC, APCu Memcache, Memcached and Xcache
  • HTML Cache for high traffic storefront support
  • SQL load improvement and reduction of database requests in disabled-cache mode.
  • Profiling and PHP execution time optimization.
  • Improvement for image resizing
  • PHP 7 tuning and testing


  • PackageManager minor fix
  • database drivers error reporting improvement
  • AHtml refactoring + phpdoc comments
  • database drivers error reporting improvement
  • AConfig sql optimization
  • ADataset refactoring + phpdoc comments
  • changes related to cache debugging
  • extensions classes typos and phpdoc comments
  • created new function get_image_size() in Utils.php
  • replacements of deprecated ACache methods (get, set) calls + phpdoc comments
  • ALanguage minor changes related to language recognition
  • changes related to setting for cache enabling
  • added apc, apcu, memcache, memcached, xcache drivers
  • added config-setting and expiration for html-cache.
  • minor fix related to warnings in logs
  • fix in is_serialized() inside utils.php
  • added hook call on save method in AImage
  • AImage changes related to resize and save of images
  • improve INI load time
  • Language load optimization fix
  • New Caching system.
  • Cache, config and request exec time improvments
  • Improve exception error handling and display
  • New logo update


  • fix related to seo-keywords during product cloning
  • minor fix of dev tools url
  • clear cache page changes relates to new aCache
  • added lang-pack into tinymce
  • added fix of updating resource description in RL (related to auto-translation)
  • Add link to troubleshooting page


  • Optimized HTML for faster browser rendering.
  • Storefront template load optimization
  • css fix of rating stars view in left column block storefront: added ajax updates for cart menu block after page loaded + ajax update for product view count + fixes of typos etc
  • fix of wrong balance applying after new product adding to the cart Extensions: UPS fix related to estimate based on dimensions of productsfix #541
  • Pages and blocks HTML cache implementation (beta)
  • Default multi-value options section fix.
  • Implement banner cache
  • SQL-queries optimization. Added caching into AWeight, ALength and ACurrency libs
  • SQL-queries optimization. removed calls isTrackable and hasAnyStock inside products loops
  • SQL-queries optimization. (Resource thumbnails).
  • Optimization for categories and menu building
  • Category product count optimization


  • added config_image_quality setting value
  • config_image_quality now set in 95%
  • optimize large demo jpg files
  • optimize large demo png images
  • block_templates demo data fix
  • changes of system_check() calls related to install directory check


  • FTP Install/Upgrade fix for some rare cases.

Where to download AbanteCart? 

AbanteCart can be downloaded at Google Drive or on our Github repository. Download ZIP

What about older versions?

Core upgrade to new version 1.2.7 is now available. All extensions for prior 1.2 should be compatible with 1.2.7

You can upgrade from admin section clicking on message about upgrade or using abantecart_upgrade_127 installation key in extension installation section.

Enjoy new AbanteCart and stay connected

New AbanteCart v1.2.6 is finally out. In this new version 1.2.6 we introduce administrators' and customers' notifications with SMS integration to Textmarketer and Twilio along with better resource library management, better text and HTML editor and more improvements.

New Features and improvements highlight:

  • IM (SMS) Notifications for administrators and customers
  • New Text and visual HTML editor
  • Resource Library improvement and RL manager page
  • Improved email bulk mailing, newsletter and SMS messaging
  • Improved site performance in the code and with provided Apache server side settings.
  • Tax exemption


  • Implemented tax exemption for the group
  • Added pdo_mysql Mysql driver
  • added silent mode into error_handlers
  • Fix for per page pagination
  • system check for cache files permissions fix
  • system check changes related to permissions of session.save_path
  • ACache fix related to warnings in log
  • JavaScript fixes for inline js related to defer attribute of script-tags
  • added new settings "start order number" and "incomplete orders expiration". + fix of start invoice number bug
  • css changes for width of scrollbox of checkboxgroup element
  • fix related to quotes inside js + phpdoc improvements


  • Add separate layout for cart page
  • Layout install fix
  • Layout SQL improvement
  • Fix for storefront search with empty spaces.
  • Optimize HTML for better performance


  • Improvement to Resource Library UI
  • Resource library manager
  • CKEditor replaced by tinymce
  • Admin notification management to multiple emails and SMS
  • added deleting of resources from RL during category(manufacturer) removing
  • changes of sale/contact. Added message count that was sent.
  • Better grid responsiveness handling
  • Slow sql fix on a customers grid and dashboard
  • added new multi-action "set related" to products grid.
  • AConfigManager changes related to session_ttl config parameter. Added suggestion for session maxlifetime
  • usage db-driver fix in migration models
  • order details tab fix
  • Fix for latest 10 customer sorting order
  • Fix for slow select on admin main page load
  • Quick link to contact customer


  • Textmarketer SMS integration
  • Twilio SMS integration
  • pp_default and pp_standart fix related to virtual products in the cartTranslatsions for IM


  • Fix for API cart delete with GET method

Where to download AbanteCart 1.2.6? 

AbanteCart 1.2.6 can be downloaded at Google Drive or on our Github repository. Download ZIP

What about older versions?

Core upgrade from 1.2.5 to new version 1.2.6 is now available. All extensions for prior 1.2 should be compatible with 1.2.6

You can upgrade from admin section clicking on message about upgrade or using abantecart_upgrade_126 installation key in extension installation section.

Enjoy new AbanteCart 1.2.6 and stay connected

AbanteCart has a new version 1.2.5

New AbanteCart v1.2.5 is now ready for use. In this new version 1.2.5 we focused on improving core platform stability and performance along with adding some new features. We have added features for shoppers to have better experience; new easy to use reCapture v2 from Google and now there is a way to request order cancellation. Italian language was added, thanks to Daniela Stucchi contribution.

New Features and improvements highlight:

  • Order cancellation option for customers
  • Ability for guest customers to access order details
  • Google reCaptcha v2. Easy to use captcha to protect from robots.
  • Italian core language
  • Bootstrap and Fontawesome update


  • changed minimal php version requirement to 5.3
  • Fontawesome v4.4 updarade
  • Bootstrap v3.3.5 upgrade
  • Resource library UI improvement
  • Image processing and memory allocation improvement
  • Language processing improvement and bug fix
  • fix for getBrowserLanguage() related to web
  • bots and empty language
  • code
  • added system check for web
  • access to restricted folders
  • added system check for low PHP memory limit
  • added AOrderStatus class. Changed order status management in admin.
  • Handling single quote issue in language text used in JavaScripts
  • Improvement to files/directories handling in admin/system
  • Add make_writable_dir and is_writable_dir
  • Missed translations for Spanish and Russian languages
  • Image size update for settings shared between admin and storefront
  • Better session ID validation and handling
  • Rare cart rounding issue fix


  • added feature "order cancelation by customer" on SF
  • side
  • added feature for guest customers to access order details
  • added mail.tpl for "create account" email.
  • sql fix related to top 4 of featured products + reformat of code
  • breadcrumbs minor fix
  • Minor HTML and CSS fixes
  • Improvement to cookie handling


  • added critical system check on login page
  • various data grid UI improvements
  • added icon for section into lang_definitions grid
  • periodical ajax system check instead of every page load
  • added htaccess with deny rule to admin/system directory and subs.
  • added phpinfo view on settings/system page
  • added mail.tpl for "send mail" page.
  • added system check before package installer and backup processes
  • ckEditor fixes
  • Form Manager improvements
  • Show crash report and email to AbanteCart team
  • Chosen HTML element selection improvements
  • Extension archive extraction bug fix and improvment


  • Fix to allow authentication without use of cookies.
  • Fix for customer loginname based login and account creation

Where to download AbanteCart 1.2.5? 

AbanteCart 1.2.5 can be downloaded at Google Drive or on our Github repository. Download ZIP

What about older versions?

Core upgrade from 1.2.4 to new version 1.2.5 is now available. All extensions for prior 1.2 should be compatible with 1.2.4

You can upgrade from admin section clicking on message about upgrade or using abantecart_upgrade_125 installation key in extension installation section.

Enjoy new AbanteCart 1.2.5 and stay connected

Ecommerce and traditional marketing: a combined approach for your business
The use of the internet and the impact that this has had on consumer habits has grown rapidly over the past decade. It has also had an effect on the marketing approaches of businesses to feature a more ecommerce style. Even with the increase in online use among consumers and marketers, there is still a case for using traditional marketing styles. By taking a unified approach, which combines traditional and ecommerce forms, you can benefit your business, raise brand awareness and boost sale conversions.
The growth of online
The proliferation of online shopping is growing significantly, with more consumers now using it on a regular basis. It enables customers to research the best prices from the comfort of their own home, so they can check out where the sales are and avoid the crowds. Online retail also means customers they can shop when and where they choose to, rather than being restricted by location and store hours.
In 2010, US ecommerce sales totaled $176 billion, and they are expected to increase to $279 billion by the end of 2015. They still only make up a small percentage of overall sales, but this figure is increasing ever year. Last year, ecommerce accounted for 8% of all sales, and the figure is expected to be between 9% and 11% this year.
This increased use of the internet means that retailers need a focused ecommerce strategy. Otherwise, they could be missing out on potential sales and be left behind by their competitors. There is still a definite place for traditional stores and marketing methods, but this needs to be unified with the use of ecommerce forms.
A multichannel approach
Even though online sales are growing year on year, there are still many retailers, both small and large, who are not making the most of the online channels that are available. The number of options that are now open to brands has increased significantly in the last decade, providing them with much more choice.
Brands need to ensure that they are choosing the right approach to reach their target customers. A unified marketing strategy is beneficial for brands, but with so much choice, it’s important not to spread yourself too thinly. This could have the opposite effect and begin to alienate customers rather than attracting and retaining them. Brands need to bring all their marketing together, from online to offline, to ensure that it is all unified under the same banner.
Successful multichannel marketing
Whatever the size of your business, you need to choose the most appropriate marketing channels for your needs. Otherwise, you could be spending money unnecessarily and not reach the right audience. Having a focused and unified approach will generate better results and have a positive effect on your customers.
There are many businesses across the US that are successfully using a multichannel marketing strategy. For instance, Target has long been seen as a traditional bricks and mortar retailer with stores in locations across the country. However, it has now decided to move a large proportion of its budget to the tech side of the business. In the long term, they believe that this will save them money and drive more sales growth. Their estimates highlight that online sales are set to increase by 4%, whereas store figures are likely to rise by only 1%.
Stores will still be central to a retailer’s success, and some brands that were originally solely focused on online sales are beginning to open their own outlets. For a traditional retailer, online offerings need to be built around the stores, as the likes of H&M, Apple, Zara and Ikea are managing to achieve successfully.
Traditional marketing such as television advertising can be used as a means of driving customers to the online domain. Television is still a popular medium for many consumers, and the technology is at the heart of family life across the world. There are sites that focus on as seen on TV products, where consumers can browse through popular products that they’ve seen through commercials and infomercials. This shows how a unified approach can be used successfully, even in the modern retail environment.
A successful combined marketing strategy can be achieved by following a few simple steps.
Use industry experts
We can’t all be experts in every area of business, so it’s crucial to use the right people to help your company grow. There are those within an industry who can influence others, as well as social media influencers who you can use to post positive content about the business.
Track your marketing
Whether you’re using traditional or ecommerce channels, you need to know what parts of your marketing strategy are working and where you need to make improvements. By investing in tracking tools and analysis, it will benefit your business and enable you to adapt your marketing strategy to meet the needs of your customers. You can look at where on the site customers are clicking, how they buy goods, as well as which newspapers or television adverts work best. The more data that you have on your customers’ habits, the more successful your campaigns will be.
Let your customers engage differently
Consumers like to control how and when they engage with brands. Some people will always prefer traditional stores where they can touch products and interact with the staff, whereas others will favor the convenience and anonymity of the online stores, and the same will go for marketing. Brands that are present on a wide range of channels, such as Google, Facebook, television, magazines and live events, will be more successful at engaging with their customers when they’re ready.
With a unified approach to your marketing, your brand will be more successful at attracting new customers and retaining those who have shopped with you before. It’s important, even in this highly technology driven society, that we don’t forget about the tried and tested forms of marketing. They still have a major part to play in how brands and customers interact.
Cloud computing is now big business and it is rapidly becoming apparent that it has the potential to change the way that people live and work.  One of the areas that has been able to take advantage of all that cloud computing has to offer is Ecommerce.  Shopping online is just growing and growing, with many people now preferring to do all of their shopping online, from groceries to Christmas gifts, mainly because it has been made so easy to do.
Why is cloud computing used in Ecommerce?
Cloud computing has the ability to help companies to cope with more online activity.  As more and more people spend time shopping online the retailers are able to use more than one server and ensure that they have enough resources to cope.  For example, in the lead up to Christmas they can have more resources to cope with the expected increase in demand.  After Christmas the additional resources can be removed until they are needed again.
The cost savings of cloud computing can be significant in ecommerce as companies only pay for the services that they use.  There is no need for investment into software or hardware because that responsibility is on the cloud provider.  For most companies this can be far cheaper than having everything in-house.  Cost savings can then be passed on to the consumer, allowing the company to offer their products and services at a reduced rate, attracting more customers.  
The very nature of cloud computing means that smaller retailers are able to access the same resources as larger companies.  Ecommerce has been made much more affordable for businesses thanks to the benefits of the cloud and this in turn has benefits for consumers, ensuring that they have many more options when it comes to shopping online.
Cloud computing is also a great way of ensuring that business can continue regardless of what is happening within the company’s building.  If there is a power outage and a business is hosting its own servers then this means that nobody can access websites to place orders, but by having servers elsewhere orders can still be placed regardless of any problem within the company itself.
Choosing the right provider
With so many providers out there it is important for companies to choose the right provider.  Companies such as Infor have established themselves firmly as leaders in the cloud computing field.  Charles Phillips, chief executive officer, runs the third largest software company and it has an international reach with customers in more than 125 countries.  Mr Phillips has also served on the boards of a number of well-known institutions including the New York Law School and the American Museum of Natural History.
Apps like can be very useful for businesses, particularly when budget is an issue.  This is a free app for Ecommerce that has been developed by enthusiasts who raised funds by way of donations and from advertising.  The app offers an expandable shopping cart and there are now a number of extensions available. The app is easy to use and there is support available for those who need it.  There is also the advantage that the app is rapidly evolving according to the needs of customers.
Opting for cloud computing might seem to be a major decision but it is one that companies all over the world are making every day.  With the progress that has been made in this field the transition is much easier than it used to be and companies can begin to reap the benefits immediately.          

AbanteCart 1.2.4 is now released

New version 1.2.4 of AbanteCart is now ready for use. In this new version 1.2.4 we focused on overall improvements for admin usability, such as template management, settings wizard, global search and quick commands. Additionally, AbanteCart 1.2.4 now include system condition check functionality, this is to improve stability of site functionality and report server & system related issues.

New Features and improvements highlight:

  • New template management page
  • Quick starter wizard to help with most common settings.
  • Commands in global search
  • System condition check


  • AConnect improvements
  • New stack trace function for logs
  • Session security improvement
  • replace is_array for better performance
  • better layout XML load error handling
  • System condition check to warn changes on OS that effect AbanteCart stability
  • ACart fix related to #235


  • Product embed code fixes.
  • Embed fix for jQuery loaded at the end of the page
  • 0px value replaced by 0 in css-files
  • category menu fix #225
  • Removal of misused cookie and improve first login message
  • Main page promo section improvement


  • New template management page
  • Improve global search and add commands in connection to voice commands
  • implement of Resource Library into CKEditor. Added ability to paste in CKE SOURCE-mode
  • Mark multilingual fields with the flag
  • Resource Library fixes related to deleting of resource from edit-page and preselected type on search result
  • Resource Library deleting resource fix
  • cloning product fix #209
  • Resource Library multi mode, save'n'apply button improvement
  • Resource Library single mode fix related to drag and drop
  • Layout management improvements.
  • textarea product option improvment
  • changes related to template cloning and devtools
  • Styles and images cleanup
  • Implement new documents site cross reference

Initial install:

  • Quick starter wizard to help with most common settings.
  • added additional check for multibyte functions support (mbstring)
  • optimized demo images
Various bugs fixes and UI improvements

Where to download AbanteCart 1.2.4? 

AbanteCart 1.2.4 can be downloaded at Google Drive or on our Github repository. Download ZIP

What about older versions?

Core upgrade from 1.2.3 to new version 1.2.4 is now available. All extensions for prior 1.2 should be compatible with 1.2.4

You can upgrade from admin section clicking on message about upgrade or using abantecart_upgrade_124 installation key in extension installation section.

Enjoy new AbanteCart 1.2.4 and stay connected

AbanteCart 1.2.3 is now live

We are very excited to introduce new "products embed" feature with new version 1.2.3. With AbanteCart 1.2.3 you can sell anything on any website. AbanteCart is easily integrated to any existing website. If you have CMS, blog, forum, static pages or social media pages, AbanteCart will work with all.

New Features and improvements highlight:

  • Easy embed codes to integrate AbanteCart into any existing website.
  • Ability to sell products on any existing website without AbanteCart storefront
  • New improve product images zoom
  • Product blurb or short description


  • Session security improvement
  • package installer minor fix related to mp-token check
  • Updated demo products


  • Embed code into any existing website with same page checkout
  • Added blurb (short description) to products
  • New improved product images zoom module based on EazyZoom
  • sorting fix for manufacturer's product list and specials ( Github #151)
  • category page pagination fix ( Github #151 )
  • retina related fix ( Github #140 )
  • account/create minor fix related to hooks
  • Product images and listing styling improvements
  • Improved Add to cart ajax
  • Fix for side listing HTML layout
  • Message to user if ads blocking is enabled in the browser
  • Add maintenance mode for response controllers and response message in Maintenance mode
  • Various other storefront style related improvements


  • Embed code settings, preview and management
  • order totals recalc fix related to price formatting
  • Usability improvement if no payment is configured.
  • fix of pagination in jgrid reloading after batch deleting on a last page
  • reviews grid fix related to languages selection ( Github #147 & #156)
  • design/content grid fix related to languages ( Github #148)
  • menu edit select box fix ( Github #142 )
  • Coupon large amount total issue fix. ( Github #162 )
  • retina related css-fix of RL styles
  • resource library single mode fix ( Github #180 )
  • Resource Library Multilingual fix


  • 2checkout sandbox and language fixes
  • Updated Fedex shipping. Performance and rate calculation improvements
  • Forms manager contactUs form fix related to new fields sending via email ( Github #176 )
  • banner manager, setting fix for url target of text banner ( Github #177 )
Various bugs fixes and UI improvements

Where to download AbanteCart 1.2.3? 

AbanteCart 1.2.3 can be downloaded at Google Drive or on our Github repository. Download ZIP

What about older versions?

Core upgrade from 1.2.2 to new version 1.2.3 will available shortly. All extensions for prior 1.2 should be compatible with 1.2.3

You can upgrade from admin section clicking on message about upgrade or using abantecart_upgrade_123 installation key in extension installation section.

Enjoy new AbanteCart 1.2.3 and stay connected

AbanteCart v1.2.2 release contains new features and number of fixes and improvements. Details are listed below:

New Features and improvements highlight:

  • Admin order management improvements 1. Ability to add products with options selection
    2. Order total management & recalculation based on storefront rules
  • Resource library support for Retina images
  • Marketplace authentication and improvements
  • Number of UI Improvements for admin and storefront.

Updates and Improvements in more details:


  • Ability to access storefront models from Admin.
  • Cache improvements
  • added experimental Postgres db-driver. Incomplete.

Control Panel (admin):

  • added common controller for tabs building. Customer and customer group edit form tpl fix
  • global search fix related to total extensions
  • Improve HTTPS handling on admin.
  • Form manager improvements


  • checkbox and label position fix
  • added predefined product options when view product from checkout cart page
  • default template minor fix
  • Image resizing improvement for png format.


  • Liqpay is updated.
  • Form manager, add files support.
Various bugs fixes and UI improvements

Where to download AbanteCart 1.2.2? 

AbanteCart 1.2.2 can be downloaded at Sourceforge or on our Github repository. Download ZIP

What about older versions?

Core upgrade from 1.2.1 to new version 1.2.2 will available shortly. All extensions for prior 1.2 should be compatible with 1.2.2

Enjoy new AbanteCart 1.2.2 and stay connected

If you are template designer and developer you can earn extra monthly income risk free. We pay for your work and you still earn monthly commissions for selling your template in our marketplace. Qualified developers will get $500 for each template created. If you are interested, hurry and submit your profile for approval, as this offer is limited. This offer is only for first 10 approved template developers and expires May 31, 2015.

Basic Rules.

  • Developer needs to qualify and get approval from AbnateCart first as this offer is limited
  • Template submitted is subject for review and approval before you get paid. See all the rules below
  • Design and code should be of high quality craftsmanship and comply with web technology standards.
  • Template design and images used in the template need to be free from any copyrights violations.
  • Template coding needs to qualify with standard AbanteCart extension development guide. Free of defects and bugs.
  • Template needs to be responsive to mobile interfaces and tables and support major browsers.
  • Template package needs to include basic help for installation and modifications if supported by template.
  • Template extension needs to be submitted to AbanteCart marketplace for review to start.
  • As AbanteCart pays for template development upfront (before sales), we need to recoup this cost. For this reason, initial commissions for sales will be 50%. Commissions will be set to normal once sales of given extension reaches $1000.
  • Developer will be responsible for providing help to customers who purchased their template. Failure to provide basic support and bug fixes to customer may result extension removal from marketplace and loss of ownership rights if AbanteCart did not recouped the cost yet.

If are to creating another web design masterpiece and get awarded for your creativity and hard work, contact us and qualify for this program. Hurry as this offer is limited for 10 first developers.

Great news for AbanteCart extension developers. AbanteCart team has worked hard to finish tools to simplify extension development process. New 1.2 version of Developer Tool is upgraded to latest version of AbanteCart and introduce new features.

New Features:
  • Template cloning feature.
    Now default template can be cloned with simple button click. This can expedite new template development as all the components automatically created and placed in proper locations. Developers only need to work on HTML and Javascript to give new template desired look and feel. Cloning can be dome in 2 modes. Full and partial clone. Full clone will copy all template related files such as TPL (AbanteCart template files), CSS and JavaScript files, where partial clone will only copy CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Export of layout.
    Now if you build template layout or blocks manually in AbanteCart and need to include this into installation of your extension/template, we can be done easily with a button click.
  • Project management
    Setting for extension you built can be stored and edited as a project. You can switch between projects.

    We welcome anyone to contribute and help making this Developer Tool even more helpful and fun to use.

    Download link: developer_tools_1.2.0.tar.gz

    GitHub repository link: Source Code developer_tools_1.2.0

    AbanteCart Dev Team